Day 63

Day: 63

Date: 19 Sep 2017 0849PM

Location: Camping near mile 1257.6

Today's Miles: 26.7

Total Miles: 1392.4

Slept in a sandy area by a river last night. Went well except for the dust bowl of sand that was blowing all over the place in the gusting winds.

Woke up a bit earlier than expected, but we all packed up and waited outside the restaurant for thirty minutes for them to open. It was well worth the wait because the food was pretty delicious. Had myself some chicken fried steak and a side order of biscuits and gravy.

We all finished up and unfortunately had to say goodbye to a hiker who's leaving to return to the real world. We all only just met but it's still sad to see her go.

Packed up while listening to a young hikers who's soul purpose out here is the write music inspired by the trail for the PCTA.

Solid day of hiking, even though the climb out was ridiculously steep over multiple miles. Felt like being back on the AT again. Managed to get in more miles than expected, even having not left town until around 1000.

Great views at the top and a bit of ridge walking as well. Got to the intended stopping point just as it got dark. Not night hiking tonight, supposed to get below freezing.

Rain in the forecast tomorrow and the next day, the super awesome kind that happens when the temperature hovers around freezing. Going to suck big time since my winter gear isn't arriving for a few more days.