The Trek Continues

It has only been a month since I returned from the Florida Trail, yet I find myself once more away from home, a small backpack with my hiking kit the only possession to my name.

It's time to start walking again. I have returned to the Pacific Crest Trail to complete the last 1,000 miles left to walk.

I will be hiking northbound from the USA/Mexican border, stopping at Sonora Pass outside of Bridgeport, CA, the spot I left trail last summer to return home and spend time with my wife and our new daughter.

After 5,000 miles of hiking, this has become almost routine. The home preparation, the inventorying of gear, the checking and double checking. The travel, the waiting, the arrival in the right part of the world.  But even as I write I can feel a twinge of the surge of energy that comes from setting foot back on a long trail, knowing you'll be walking for quite some time.

I love my family, and respect the hell out of my wife for allowing me he time and space I need to reorient myself when things get much too rough in my mind. She's an incredibly strong, proud woman who sacrifices much to give me these opportunities.

I pray that whoever reads this gets what they're looking for. Whether it be vicarious living through my story, advice and mistakes to avoid, or just plain ole pretty pictures to look at.

Join me for another trek.