Day 34

Day: 34

Date: 13 May 2018 09:35PM PDT

Location: Camping near mile 652.1

Today's Miles: 0.8

Total Miles: 652.1

Unintended zero day today.

Arrived in Lake Isabella earlier than I expected, have to wait for the post office to open tomorrow to grab a replacement piece of gear.

Ended up getting a hitch in from an older gentleman who is section hiking the PCT. He's super old, from Pennsylvania as well, and has an awesome section hiking plan that involves him leaving his van at one trailhead, and riding his dirty old sport bike of a motorcycle to the other trailhead. Super awesome idea, no idea why I never thought of it myself.

Sat in his van with him while he finished up his oatmeal to stay out of the cold. Ended up chatting for almost an hour before driving into town.

Had really anticipated hitting up a local cafe that apparently loves hikers and has awesome food to boot. Unfortunately they're closed on Sunday, so I wandered next door to another local establishment  and had food there instead.

Busy place, Mother's Day was in full swing. By the time I was finished eating there was a line out the door, so I moved myself to the counter and drank a few more cups of coffee.

Sidled over to the grocery store and grabbed some minor resupply items while also stocking up on sparkling water, vegetables, yogurt (in lieu of rice pudding), and a cheeky bottle of Mountain Dew.

Spent the afternoon hanging out with some pretty cool and eclectic hikers at the local RV Park. Which, surprising or not, was a pretty amazing place. Everyone bought some food at the grocery store to share, and we ended up having a delicious potluck of cooked meats and veg on the grill.

Tomorrow will be breakfast, post office, and back walking.

Two days to Kennedy Meadows South, mile 700, and the gateway to the Sierra.