Day 5


Date: 132057Mar15

Location: Neels Gap

Total Miles: 31.7

Today's Miles: 7.3

Another rainy, foggy day today.

Majority of the day was uphill, tackled Blood Mountain, the highest mountain in Georgia, all morning and into the afternoon.

It's something you never really think about, actually hiking a mountain. Until you are doing it. For hours on end.

The way the terrain changes from little rocks and dirt, to larger slabs, until there is no actual dirt left. How the innocuous hill you've been climbing for hours is subtly transformed with each step you take. Truly is an amazing thing to watch, that transformation.

Enough waxing eloquent for one night. Otherwise, the weather was miserable, we arrived at Neels Gap safe (and bone-chillingly cold), and managed to get a ride into Gainesville, GA where we're spending the evening in a hotel room (and probably taking a zero day tomorrow due to the horrible expected weather).