Day 11

Shelter life, from the bag

Shelter life, from the bag


Date: 191536Mar15

Location: Plumorchard Gap Shelter

Total Miles: 74.1

Today's Miles: 4.5

Being wicked cold and rainy today put a dent in our plans to do some solid mileage. Something about best laid plans, enemy contact, etc. etc.

Got to the shelter around 1230, changed into dry clothes and had some coffee. As we warmed up we set up shop and greeted the numerous hikers that wandered in throughout the afternoon. 

Made dinner, hung bear bags, and repaired a hole in my air mattress all before 1500. The glue needs 24 hours to dry, so no pad tonight, but sleeping on raised lumber beats the cold hard ground any day. 

Spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the  shelter, propped up against the wall in my sleeping bag waiting for hiker midnight.