Day 16



Date: 241834Mar15

Location: Wayah Bald Shelter

Total Miles: 120.8

Today's Miles: 14.8

Started off our day with a pancake breakfast at the First Baptist Church of Franklin of which no one leaves hungry.

Caught a ride to the trail head and started off on our longest day yet. Now that our bodies are becoming conditioned to hiking, the only real difference in adding miles is the length of the hiking day. Instead of coming into camp at 1430, it might end up being 1600 instead. We still need to be aware of how much mileage we're putting on our bodies each day, as overuse injuries are common, but at least we're not feeling the pain as much anymore.

It's proving to be uncomfortable out on the trail with the amount of foreign and unknowns: the frequent new places, strange culture, continual stream of strangers, lack of a true schedule.

I thought that I would be okay with it at first, but even with modifications to our day it's been tough.

Not as healing as one would think.