Day 12


Date: 12 Mar 2016 7:59PM

Location: Rock Gap - Franklin, NC

Today's Miles: 12.3

Total Miles: 102.4


Another beautiful day, another day of the rain leaving us alone. It isn't going to last forever, but it's been good while it lasted.


Hoofed up to the top of Albert Mountain, great views all around. Almost got bit by a dog. Owners were very apologetic, but it still was a shock for a few minutes.


Plan of the day changed about halfway through. Initially we were going to stop at a shelter around eight miles in, but we decided to push the additional four to get to the Rock Gap shelter. Upon arriving at the shelter (and seeing practically NO level places to camp), I subtly suggested to our little group that we just head into Franklin this afternoon instead of the next morning.




Ron Haven arrived (rather coincidently) and offered us a free shuttle into town. After dropping us off at his motel, myself and the two Israelis walked with our stuff about a half of a mile to the hostel I stayed at last year when I was in town, Gooder Grove.


Walked back into Franklin, ate at a diner, grabbed a quick beer and walked back to the hostel.


All in all, a successful day. Taking a zero tomorrow to heal up one of the members of our little family. Heading back out to the trail Monday morning.