Day 13


Date: 13 Mar 2016 0556PM

Location: Franklin, NC - Gooder Grove Hostel

Today's Miles: 0

Total Miles: 102.4


I'm starting to get nervous about the upcoming weeks. We're starting to plan past Fontana, the place where I left the trail last year. Great anxiety to be had over this. I'm just praying that it won't be the cause of any extreme doubt that forces me off the trail.


Being in unfamiliar places is extremely hard for me, and this is compounded by the fact that so much of the future is uncertain and unplanable until the last minute. Most of us with PTSD hate uncertainty, unfamiliar places, and strangers.


But this is the reality of life on the trail.




Went to church this morning at the First Baptist Church of Franklin. It was my first time back in church in about 6 months. It has been way too long being away. I cried through much of the service.


After church I met up with some other hikers I've been traveling with and we ate at a local diner, stopped at the Lazy Hiker Brewing Company for a pint, and stopped by the Ingles grocer for a resupply.


About to head over to the Budget Inn for Chinese food and company for the evening. Heading out tomorrow morning for the trail, but not before hitting up the massive hiker breakfast at the church and swinging by the post office to mail some food forward to Fontana.