Day 18


Date: 18 Mar 2016 0614PM

Location: Locust Grove Gap

Today's Miles: 10.5

Total Miles: 147.6

Today we walked up. And up. And up. Approximately 2500 feet of elevation gain over nine miles.

Got to Cheoah Bald, the top of our climb today, and two of the members of our pod decided to stay stop the bald for the night. We all probably would have stayed but there wasn't any viable water sources around.

Continued on down the backside of the bald to a little gap with water for the night.

Put too much food in my pot tonight and burned my food. Spent the next hour scrubbing the burned pasta out of my pot. Almost spotless now, another lesson learned.

Now we're just sitting around waiting for the sun to set for the night.

Eighteen miles to Fontana.