Day 20


Date: 20 Mar 2016 0242PM

Location: Fontana Dam - Fontana Village

Today's Miles: 5

Total Miles: 164.2


No rain or precipitation last night, nor today. Left the shelter and hiked the five miles into Fontana. Called for a shuttle which took us to the Fontana Lodge where we grabbed a room for the night.


Had lunch, walked to the general store, did some laundry and prepped for the smokies. Debating holding back for a day due to weather but it looks like we're going to go for it.


Dinner consisted of some canned baked beans, canned peas, canned corn, hot dogs, and a banana for desert. While lunch was delicious, I'm wasn't too keen on spending another thirty dollars on a meal just yet.


Great Smoky Mountain National Park, here we come!