Day 21


Date: 21 Mar 2016 0741PM

Location: Fontana Village

Today's Miles: 0

Total Miles: 164.2

Zero day at the Fontana Lodge. Decision was made after waking up to about an inch of snow on the ground. A few hikers left the lodge today and went out into the snow, but the majority of our little pod decided it'd be better off to give the snow a day to melt off before continuing on.

Spent the day relaxing since all of my chores were finished yesterday. Watched close to a whole season of the TV show Suits, totally worth it. Just need to make sure I download enough episodes for the smokies since I usually end my day watching one episode of the show.

One of our pod left for a few days to spend time with his mother in Hot Springs, while another headed into the smokies today. We all plan on meeting up eventually, and from my limited experience on the trail, that's usually what ends up happening.

Planning on taking approximately six days to get through the smokies. A bit nervous about it. Last year I got off the trail in Fontana - everything past this point is completely new to me.

Praying for mental stability.