Day 23


Date: 23 Mar 2016 0511PM

Location: Derrick Knob Shelter

Today's Miles: 12.0

Total Miles: 189.3

Last night was a cold, and extremely windy night, even in the shelter. I was adequately warm, but ear plugs were necessary to drown out the whistling wind and the wild rustling of the tarp over the front of the shelter.

Solid day of hiking today. Started out frigid, but quickly warmed up. Throughout the morning we were walking on frozen snow and ice, but later in the day this turned into a slushy, muddy mixture. A lot of this depended on what side of a particular hill or slope you were walking on, but overall it was a slippery mess which slowed us down.

Figured out that I'm horrible at rationing food, or perhaps that I need to start eating more. Last night I was super hungry and ate through some snacks that I thought were extras (but ended up not being). Luckily I have a little extra food from before I went into town last so it isn't too big of a deal, but I totally need to be bringing more food out with me.