Day 24


Date: 24 Mar 2016 0500PM

Location: Mt Collins Shelter

Today's Miles: 13.5

Total Miles: 202.8

Left the shelter early this morning to try and get a head start on the incoming rain, made it to the next shelter with minutes to spare before the rain began.

Today was the first day I would say that we really got to experience the smokies. The flora and fauna changed pretty dramatically, and we're higher up in elevation now and completely surrounded by mountains.

There was some phenomenal ridge walking today, as well as some dense green pine coverage later in the day. Clingman's Dome had terrific views, and there was still plenty of snow and mud to contend with.

Longest mileage day so far. Isn't going to be a trend just yet, but after we bust out of the smokies there's no telling how many miles per day we'll be doing.