Day 25


Date: 25 Mar 2016 0811PM

Location: Peck's Corner Shelter

Today's Miles: 14.3

Total Miles: 217.3

Today we were in the heart of the smokies. The mountains surrounded us, and we hiked in the clouds.

The day started off walking a trail flooded from last nights rain storm. You end up just rolling with it, not caring about wet feet, practically stomping through the puddles along the way.

Made it to Newfound Gap in time for some trail magic of sandwiches, chips, and soda. It was just what I needed and was very welcome.

The rest of the day was beautiful. A bunch of ridge walking with billowing clouds coming over the mountains. At one point we were above the clouds, the sun was shining - it reminded me of when you're in an airplane and there's nothing around but sky and clouds below you.

Two more days and we'll be out of the smokies, three more and Hot Springs.