Day 27

Date: 27 Mar 2016 0407PM

Location: Standing Bear Hostel

Today's Miles: 10.4

Total Miles: 240.3


Completed our trek through the smokies today, the park was some of the best scenery on the trail thus far. Mostly downhill today, and gradual at that, which was welcome.


Exiting the park was very uneventful, no signs or anything. The walk to the hostel was equally uneventful, passing under interstate I-40 and through some recently burned woodlands.


The hostel is really cozy. It feels a bit off at first, but once you get settled in it really is a great place to kick back, rest, and relax. The owners even brought us all out an Easter dinner late in the evening, which really brightened up all of our's night.


Going to try and make it to Hot Springs in three days. Will be the longest days yet, 15 miles each day, with a short third day to nero in town on.  Looking forward to it.