Day 08


Date: 08 Mar 2016 0424PM

Location: Dicks Creek Gap - Top of Georgia Hostel

Today's Miles: 11.1

Total Miles: 69.6

Solid day today, a lot of big climbs and descents. Knees are a little worse for the wear but seem to be doing alright. Starting to develop tiny hot spots on the back of each of my feet but no blisters yet.

Arrived at Dick's Creek Gap around 1pm, and there was a college student named Mufassa who is on spring break doing free shuttles. Hostel is only a half a mile from the gap but it was much better than walking.

Got to the hostel, checked in, showered, and ate a half a pizza. Took a shuttle into town and hit up a rib joint. Back at the hostel now relaxing and doing the various administrative tasks one does when back in civilization: uploading pictures, reading the news, doing laundry, getting in touch with family, and eating loads of food.