Day 32


Date: 01 Apr 2016 0514PM

Location: Jerry's Cabin Shelter

Today's Miles: 15.4

Total Miles: 300.1

Big climbs today, but we were rewarded at the end with some beautiful ridge walking views. Got pretty warm today as well, with the threat of rain hovering above throughout.

Good push otherwise. Almost went for the next shelter but decided against it since this shelter was practically empty (and it would have been a twenty plus mile day). I prefer sleeping in the shelters, it makes breaking down camp much faster in the mornings. I know that soon enough I'll have to start camping more often to make the miles, but until then I will continue to enjoy the shelters.

Rain held off today. It started raining pretty hard, but stopped about twenty minutes later. To date, I still haven't had a day of hiking in the rain - and it has been glorious.

And while we're bragging, I haven't gotten a single blister or had to take any ibuprofen yet.