Day 42


Date: 11 Apr 2016 0842PM

Location: Double Spring Shelter

Today's Miles: 21.6

Total Miles: 450.3


Solid day today of beautiful weather. Very warm day, ended up drinking around five liters of water. Walked along Watauga Lake for most of the day, crossing the dam and heading up into the hills - great views throughout. 


Currently on what some call the 'Tennessee Highway', a stretch of approximately fifty miles of relatively little elevation change. Maybe it was the heat today, but it sure felt like a tough day. 


Was some great trail magic at TN 91, a girls group from a church had a huge box full of snacks and soda. It was just what we needed on a day like today.


Arrived at the shelter a little later in the day today, probably around 5:30 in the evening. After yesterday's shorter day we decided to push a but further today.


Damascus in twenty miles. Might camp just outside of town as to spend a full day in town the next day and get the most bang for our buck.