Day 45


Date: 14 Apr 2016 0458PM

Location: Saunders Shelter

Today's Miles: 9.5

Total Miles: 478.3


Nero-ish day today, left town at a leisurely pace. Had breakfast and a cup of coffee at Mojo's on the far side of town, and wandered my way up back into the woods around noon. Grabbed a foot long Subway sandwich on my way out for dinner, totally worth it.


Even with the late start today, still got to the shelter pretty early. Ate my sandwich, got set up in the shelter, enjoyed the rest of the day.


This was the first day after taking a zero that I feel truly rested and recuperated. Muscles feel good, and any ailments I've been experiencing over the past week have abated for now.


Next stop Atkins, VA in 65 miles.