Day 50


Date: 19 Apr 2016 0831PM

Location: Possum Creek Campground

Today's Miles: 17.4

Total Miles: 556.6


Started off the day getting Rickrolled in the privy. Someone had written the lyrics to the infamous 'Never Going to Give You Up' song on the wall, and I didn't realize it until I read to the chorus. Song was in my head all day long.


Otherwise, it was another beautiful day today. Hiked a few miles from the shelter and received trail magic at the historical Lindamood Schoolhouse, where a local church organization keeps a store of sodas, munchies, and miscellaneous supplies for hikers.


A few miles past the schoolhouse the trail passes by a restaurant, where we sat down for a spot of breakfast before continuing on our way north.


The rest of the day was spent waking through a lot of easement property where the trail meanders through private land - this afternoon was some of the most beautiful walking yet.


Finally, today we crossed over the one-quarter mile marker: happy 25% completed to us!