Day 53


Date: 22 Apr 2016 0815PM

Location: Wapiti Shelter

Today's Miles: 24.2

Total Miles: 616.3


Long day, rainy day. Rained all morning today, from just before waking up until around 1100. Rain abated for about an hour and a half, just long enough for me to start drying off, then returned with vigor for the rest of the afternoon.


Saw some of the first blooms of wild flowers and flowering trees today. It's really nice to start seeing some color, and the smells from the meadows is really something.


Hiked a mile off trail to hit up a small gas station for a light resupply and some hot food. Ate some chili cheese fries and a cheesesteak sandwich. Totally worth the extra mileage.


Finished off the day with more rain, and a big push to the shelter. Started to get a bit of a shin splint in my right shin, hoping it goes away on its own.


Hitting up a hostel tomorrow that's about eight miles away. Lighter day, but after today's twenty-six mile adventure, it'll be good to take it slow for a day.