Day 54


Date: 23 Apr 2016 0912PM

Location: Woods Hole Hostel

Today's Miles: 7.9

Total Miles: 624.2


Got to the shelter last night just before sunset, it was raining, by lucky me there was one spot left!


Spent the morning leisurely hiking to the hostel, got there before noon. Enjoyed the day lounging around, lying in a hammock for most of it. Took a hot shower, did laundry, ate a huge hiker box lunch, and lounged some more.


Dinner was an awesome, family-style affair of fresh salad, homemade bread, homemade pizza, and lasagna. There was even homemade ice cream for dessert.


Sat around chatting with some people who are just staying for a few days and hiking around the area. Interesting to meet people who have no idea what a thru hiker is, their questions are entertaining :)


Resupply in Pearisburg tomorrow.