Day 55


Date: 24 Apr 2016 0836PM

Location: Stealth Site

Today's Miles: 12.4

Total Miles: 635.9


Left the hostel this morning after eating a massive breakfast and saying goodbye to some new friends. Hiked into Pearisburg, VA to resupply and eat some Chinese food at an AYCE buffet.


Walked out of town (couldn't get a hitch back to the trail) and rejoined the trail, hiked in about a mile and half and am currently camped directly on the side of the trail. Water has been scare today and looks like it will be tomorrow as well, so before leaving town we camel'd up at a friend's hotel room. 


Cowboy camping in my bivy tonight, no real chance of rain and the temperatures look pretty warm, in the fifties.


I am extremely privileged to have the opportunity to be out on the trail.