Day 57


Date: 26 Apr 2016 0918PM

Location: Laurel Creek Shelter

Today's Miles: 18.5

Total Miles: 672.6


Today was a day of big climbs. Temperatures continue to rise, and water is still scarce.


Passed by the Captain's place today. He allows hikers to sleep in his yard and provides sodas and wifi, but I didn't partake in the zipline/pulley system to get across a stream to his property.


Majority of the day was spent without water, so as soon as I could resupply I drank three liters on the spot. Legs are pretty sore from being without for most of the day, but I'm sure they'll feel better in the morning.


Otherwise, day was good. another beautiful day of sun, but that looks to be changing tonight and into the next few days. Nothing but rain in the forecast for the immediate future.


Sleeping in a shelter tonight. A section hiker who is out for the week decided to hang her hammock in the shelter because she didn't bring a proper rain fly. Because of the rain I decided to stay in the shelter, just hope I don't get crushed in the middle of the night.