Day 59


Date: 28 Apr 2016 0830PM

Location: Four Pines Hostel

Today's Miles: 6.6

Total Miles: 701.7


Short day, nero'd into a hostel and relaxed the body for the afternoon.


Hiked past the Dragons Tooth today, a very cool spot before coming off the ridge line into Catawaba, VA. Spent about an hour climbing on the rocks and taking in the views.


The hike down the AT northbound was pretty rough, a lot of climbing and very little actual hiking for the first mile and a half.


Hostel is nice, a donation-based place a half mile off the trail. Owner has a large garage that he's converted into a 'hiker den' of sorts where hikers can sleep on various pieces of furniture and beds. Included in our stay was a shuttle to an AYCE, family-style restaurant where we enjoyed some quality southern foods - fried chicken, green beans, biscuits with apple butter, pulled pork, coleslaw, and mashed potatoes with gravy. About thirty of us were taken to the restaurant, very delicious indeed.


After dinner we swung by a convince store for a quick resupply, and then we all returned to the hostel where we sat around and talked while others played the infamous southern game, corn hole.


Can't wait to get back out on the trail.