Day 60


Day: 60

Date: 29 Apr 2016 0827PM

Location: Lamberts Meadow Shelter

Today's Miles: 16.4

Total Miles: 718.1

Awesome day of views today. Left the hostel early, hiked until just after noon and arrived at the infamous McAfee Knob. Hiked a soda to the top and had lunch in the sun, staring out into the distance.

Later in the day I came upon Tinker Cliffs, and from my opinion it's a much better spot than the knob. Amazing views and much less people hanging about.

Got to the shelter pretty early, but there's not much between here and Daleville, VA so I ended up staying. I'll hike into town tomorrow, grab a quick resupply, and hike back out.

I was pretty lonely today, a few people I've been hiking with the past month are getting of the trail for a week or so in the next few days. There are plenty of people out here, but it's really nice to have established friends to meet up with and talk to at the end of a long day.