Day 61


Date: 30 Apr 2016 0842PM

Location: Wilson creek Shelter

Today's Miles: 20.6

Total Miles: 738.7


Great hike into Daleville, VA today - terrain was relatively easy and the scenery was enjoyable. Got into town just before noon and a few of us walked over to a Mexican restaurant just off the trail for some lunch. Unfortunately, the Mexican place was closed for renovations, so we hoofed it over to a barbecue place instead.


Swung by the local outfitter to see if they had any gaiters to buy, but all of their stuff was overpriced and they didn't have the type I wanted. Did my grocery shopping, picked up a package (replacement side-pouch for my pack, the zippers broke), and grabbed two cheap sandwiches from a gas station on my way back to the trail.


Original plan was to meet up with some people at the first shelter, approximately five miles out of town, but after arriving at the shelter I decided to push another six to a farther shelter, even though it was late in the day and it looked like rain. Rolled in just as it was getting dark, and there was only an older couple sleeping in a double sleeping bag, so it all worked out.


Laid out my sleeping gear, ate my sandwiches, and now I'm listening to the rain patter all around the forest floor and on the shelter roof.