Day 36


Date: 05 Apr 2016 0744PM

Location: Cherry Gap Shelter

Today's Miles: 17.0

Total Miles: 359.2


Solid climb out of Erwin today. Weather was chilly but manageable. Didn't leave the hostel until around 1000, but managed to get to the shelter seventeen miles away around 1700.


Looks like the weather is going to turn on us out here in the next few days. Supposed to get below freezing for a few days with suspected freezing rain/snow. There are a few little hostels over the next couple of days just in case I need to bail, which is comforting. If there's any day to take a zero day, it's definitely a day where the weather is just absolutely miserable.


Hiked on further than the little group I've been hanging with the past two weeks. I hope to see them again soon, but I'm not sure how likely that will be considering I plan on kicking up the miles over the next few days.


I've encountered a new group of people and it's definitely uncomfortable. I hope to figure out how to better interact with people while I'm out here because as of now opening up to people is extremely difficult for me.