Day 37


Date: 06 Apr 2016 0630PM

Location: Roan High Knob Shelter

Today's Miles: 17.6

Total Miles: 376.8


Cold day full of climbs. Day started cold, and the wind picked up hard shortly after sunrise. Depending on what side of a hill I'd be walking on varied the conditions greatly, sometimes being windy, in shade, and frigid, with other times being calm and sunny.


Roan Mountain was the climb that didn't want to end. Over four miles of distance and 2200 feet of elevation.


Spending the night tonight at the highest shelter (elevation) on the trail. It's only me and Ghost Walker tonight, might have something to do with the fact the temperatures are supposed to drop below freezing and at 6256 feet it'll get pre-tty cold.


Good day of hiking otherwise. Eighteen miles feels like the new fifteen. I seem to be running out of time in the day to keep on hiking, even though I think I could do more. I'm sure this will alleviate itself as the days get longer and I get faster.