Day 38


Date: 07 Apr 2016 0635PM

Location: Quarry Campsite

Today's Miles: 15.6

Total Miles: 392.4


There was a snowy, sleety mixture on the ground when I left the shelter this morning - most likely due the altitude that we slept at last night. It made walking off the mountain a bit more difficult than it should have been, but as I went down in elevation throughout the morning the ground was less and less covered in snow.


Spent the majority of the day walking through the Roan Highlands. Took many, many pictures. Today's temperatures hovered around freezing, and there was extremely high wind while walking through the highlands to the point this I was getting physically blown around on the trail when out in the open.


It precipitated in the afternoon, sometimes snow, sometimes hail, but never for very long and I didn't need to put a rain jacket on at all until getting into camp. The sky was a beautiful brilliance today of fluffy, fast moving clouds and bright sun in some parts, and in others there were dark, ominous clouds with visible precipitation falling from them.


I had planned on going to the Mountain Harbour B&B tonight because of the impending weather, but I came across a campsite that is very well protected on three sides by an old quarry that also has water nearby so I decided to stay for the night and save some cash instead. I'll swing by in he morning to resupply and head out from there.


It's currently raining/snowing right now, but here in the quarry there is little to no wind. Here's hoping the weather doesn't get the better of me tonight.