Day 71


Date: 10 May 2016 0717PM

Location: Byrds Nest #3 Hut

Today's Miles: 22.4

Total Miles: 938.2

Started and ended today in a cloud of fog. Rained for most of the morning, but cleared up for the afternoon. A few good views in between, and the day was done.

Lots of day hikers and other folk out and around the park today, even though it's the middle of the week. Loads of people camping and RV'ing as well.

Stopped by a hotel/restaurant along the trail, but just my luck they don't open for the season until tomorrow. After that I just plowed on through the miles instead of stopping at any of the other waysides along the way.

Short day tomorrow, getting off trail for a few days for a family function. It'll be difficult leaving the trail, even for a short amount of time, but even though I'll be gone I'm really looking forward to seeing the wife.

I'm a little worried that going home is going to make it difficult to return to the trail, but feeling like I do now about how much I want to be out here should help me return. There's just something about the lifestyle of living out here on the trail that is extremely fulfilling, and not coming back just doesn't seem like an option.


Oh, and two bears wandered up to the shelter at dusk this evening. We all sat in our sleeping bags watching a big bear, and a little bear, eating grass for a good half an hour.