Day 72

Date: 11 May 2016 0539PM

Location: Thorton Gap

Today's Miles: 3.2

Total Miles: 941.4


Short day today. Hiked down the mountain from the shelter and met my ride at the gap below. The next two days will be spent driving up to Maine, with the weekend spent back at home. Same drive time on the other end, should be back to the trail in approximately six days.


Feels weird to be back out in society, in a moving car. There's a whole world out here moving along, regardless of how far I hike, or where I slept the night before.


Haven't showered or done laundry for thirteen days, longest stretch so far. Truly in the groove for the past two weeks.


Once you get into the flow of the trail it's just amazing how the miles, days, and cares of the world, fly by.




I'll be back!