Day 63


Date: 02 May 2016 0819PM

Location: Matts Creek Shelter

Today's Miles: 22.6

Total Miles: 782.1


Hell of a thunderstorm last night, with cracks of lightening and booms of thunder so loud they woke me up repeatedly throughout the night. Luckily, the storm abated in the morning leaving the streams overflowing with water and the humidity pressing in around throughout the day.


Huge day of climbs today. Up and up and up. 


Sunshine kept on throughout the day and heated up nicely until mid-afternoon, whereupon the rain returned with a vengeance. A few sprinkles now and again for about an hour, then out of nowhere the heavens opened up and began firing marble to golf ball sized hail from the sky.


Being approximately two miles out from my intended destination meant I was getting pelted with hailstones and completely soaked with rain for the duration of my hike today - which left me running like a mad man with my arms above my head for a solid ten minutes looking for cover from the onslaught.


The rain and hail thunderstorm abated as I could see the shelter through the trees, but not before I came to a completely swollen stream-turned-raging-river that the trail crossed. Seeing as I was already completely soaked, I waded through the water and arrived safely at my destination.


Chatted the rest of the evening with the only other person at the shelter, an older gentleman who thru hiked previously and is now section hiking the trail again.


I'm now in my sleeping bag, listening to another storm pass through. We're totally hogging the shelter, sleeping laterally across the back of the shelter to keep from getting wet from the rain that's coming in, a luxury for us since there's no one else here.