Day 75


Date: 19 May 2016 0911PM

Location: Sam Moore Shelter

Today's Miles: 25.3

Total Miles: 999.6


Long day, but the weather helped that along. Arrived at an eighteen mike shelter a little too early in the day, decided to push on to the next, a twenty five miler. Longest day of hiking I believe, and I definitely felt it.


Pushed hard today, and only because there was time left in the day. I could have stopped at the last shelter and had a luxurious evening with plenty of time to accomplish all my camp chores, but instead I pushed on.


Could be because I took those days off last week and I feel like I have time to make up, could be because I want to try and catch up with the group that's ahead of me. Either way, I now know what it feels like, and that I can do it.


Probably wasn't the best idea to take on those extra seven miles today though, since I just hopped on "the roller coaster", as it's colloquially known. It's a fourteen mike section of the trail, that instead of walking along ridge lines, decides to go up, over, and down them. Super fun.


Harper's Ferry in twenty three miles. Probably camp just outside of town tomorrow night, stroll into town in the morning, resupply, eat, and walk out in he afternoon.