Day 76


Date: 20 May 2016 0759PM

Location: Tent Site

Today's Miles: 19.2

Total Miles: 1018.8


Great day of weather - spent the first half of the day riding out the rest of the 'roller coaster'. Took a bit longer than I would have liked, but that's undulating terrain for you.


Stopped by the Bears Den hiker hostel, a mere tenth of a mile off the trail. They were closed for the morning, cleaning and preparing for the day, but let me go through their hiker box. Found some pop corn and a soda, so I had a little mid-morning snack before proceeding.


Saw quite a few snakes today, all of which scared the hell out of me. Two huge black snakes were sunning themselves by a spring and took off like a flash when I walked up at them, and another huge snake was just coiled up right on the trail behind a tree. This second snake rattled his tail at me and wouldn't move, so I had to take a wide, circuitous route around him.


Hiked on for the rest of the afternoon past a shelter, wanted to get as close as possible to Harper's Ferry before calling it a day. Took a detour at a road crossing to a gas station where I gorged myself on some fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, spicy potato wedges, and a Dr. Pepper. Walked back to the trail eating a pint of birthday cake ice cream.


Happy 1,000 miles!