Day 77


Date: 21 May 2016 0746PM

Location: Harpers Ferry

Today's Miles: 5.3

Total Miles: 1024.1


I made it to Harpers Ferry, VA today!


Nero'd the day away between the ATC's headquarters building and a coffee shop in town. Good day for it since it rained all day today. Got my picture taken at the ATC, a tradition that goes back well into the 70's, where they tell you how many hikers have come before you this year so far.


Spent the rest of the morning and mid-afternoon drinking coffee and eating a ginormous calzone from a local Italian restaurant. Got a free coffee because the owner said that he didn't think I could 'fit that whole calzone in my body', and that if I did he'd give me one.


Received a bit of trail magic as well today in the form of a free motel room. Another hiker's parents were supposed to come into town, but they had to cancel last minute so he invited a few of us to use the room with him. Super welcoming since I woke up today and most of my sleeping gear was wet from the storm last night.