Day 79


Date: 23 May 2016 0818PM

Location: Ensign Cowall Shelter

Today's Miles: 15.8

Total Miles: 1054.3


Miserable morning. Wet feet, more rain.


Decided to head into town today, had to hit up the urgent care facility for a rash that wouldn't go away. Managed to meet up with a girl who just started hiking, who's mom was in town to take her to lunch, which worked out really well because the town I needed to go in to isn't your typical trail town as was about twelve miles off the trail.


Spent less than four hours in town, including the clinic, groceries, and McDonald's. Managed to get a ride back out from the same mother and daughter, so it worked out really well.


Working through a bubble of flip floppers right now, a bunch of people recently starting northbound hikes from Harpers Ferry. It'll pass the further north we get, but it's still fun to see all the noobs on their first few days of hiking.