Day 80


Date: 24 May 2016 0641PM

Location: Tumbling Run Shelter

Today's Miles: 18

Total Miles: 1072.3


Spectacular day of weather today, really great after the past few days of rain.


Crossed the Mason-Dixon Line today, another state down. Really looking forward to Pennsylvania, back on familiar turf once more.


A few good views today, including High Rocks. Apparently it's a place hang gliders use to launch themselves into flight, and it was a fantastic spot.


Beautiful shelter tonight, two of them actually. One's marked 'snoring', the other's marked 'non-snoring'. Two of us took the aborning shelter and everyone crowded into the other - neither of us sore though so I guess we fooled them. 


And finally, there's a group of Outward Bound students from Baltimore camping really close to where we're sleeping. After I set up camp and ate dinner, I went over and chatted with them for about an hour. Reminded me a lot of back when I was a camp counselor.


As I was waking back to the shelter, I watched one of the kids walk to the privy, open the door, peek in, and repeat this two or three times. I told him that 'you can do it!', whereupon he stated 'nah, I'll hold it'. He's out here for five days, he'll figure it out eventually.