Day 83


Date: 27 May 2016 0940PM

Location: Darlington Shelter

Today's Miles: 26.3

Total Miles: 1135.3


Marathon day!


First time on the trail doing a marathon. Wasn't necessarily planned, but with the way the shelters lined up it worked out.


Another day without rain, but with the hottest temperatures yet. Drank plenty of water throughout the day, and was wet with sweat for the entirety of the day as well.


Spent the majority of the morning clearing spider webs from the trail. It happens when you're the first one out of the shelter and are traveling on the trail where no one else has been yet. It's pretty frustrating, mainly because the webs are randomly placed and typically bit you right in the face, sometimes with spiders still in them.


Walked in to Boiling Springs, PA, trail runs right through town. Had myself two wonderful sandwiches from a local cafe, resupplied the gas station, and sat around on a bench swing for a little while at the ATC regional headquarters.


Arrived at the shelter around dusk, completed camp chores by head lamp. Pleasantly surprised when we arrived and the shelter only had two people in it.


Duncannon, PA tomorrow, where I'll be getting picked up for a holiday zero with some family on Sunday. Looking forward to some food and rest this holiday weekend.