Day 84


Date: 28 May 2016 0331PM

Location: Duncannon, PA

Today's Miles: 10.7

Total Miles: 1146.0


Another hot day. Starting to learn that when people joked about wishing for rain during the summer months, they weren't kidding.


Even still, I'd take hot weather over rain any day.


Good push this morning into Duncannon, PA. Saw quite a few day hikers coming up the trail, most likely due to the holiday weekend. Also, the official, oft-dreaded, 'Rocks of Pennsylvania' started today - we'll see how it goes. 


Family came and picked me up in town, treating me to a little holiday weekend festivities. I was raised near the trail in Pennsylvania, and as such most of my family lives here still.


Tomorrow I'll zero off trail, eat a bunch of food, and catch up with the family. Be back Monday morning bright and early.