Day 65


Date: 04 May 2016 0744PM

Location: Seeley-Woodworth Shelter

Today's Miles: 15.8

Total Miles: 820.1


Short two mile morning to get to a road and attempt a hitch into Buena Vista, VA for a resupply. Unfortunately, the hitch in to town took me two hours to get, and was of similar difficulty on the way out.


Regardless, the resupply was successful and after eating $21 worth of Hardees I made it back to the trail to continue my hike. 


Made it to the shelter with time to spare. Didn't need to eat dinner, Hardees still churning around in my belly.


Starting to catch up with people who I've been reading about in the shelter logs, definitely excited about that.




An observation: I'm getting used to hiking all day. I was uncomfortable in town for sure, but it wasn't until an older gentleman was driving me back to the trail and and we started entering the mountains that I realized that I missed the comfort of the trail.


It IS comforting for me to be out here. Everyone working towards a common goal, being able to talk with people about common subjects, having time throughout the day to converse with those you've become friends with - it's a blessing to be around people you feel comfortable with.


Too bad this isn't real life.