Day 66


Date: 05 May 2016 0817PM

Location: Maupin Field Shelter

Today's Miles: 20.4

Total Miles: 840.5


Pretty cold night last night, had a little trouble sleeping. Temperatures remained low today as well, with the additional perk of it being rainy for most of the day.


Had a dog follow me for a few miles today, then run off with a local who was doing some trail running. But low and behold, the dog showed back up at the shelter this evening with another hiker - put in some real miles today. Not quite sure what's going to happen to the pup tonight, it's supposed to get down on the forties and he's currently running around wet.


Probably sleep just outside of town tomorrow, roll in for a resupply, and head back out the same day. Going to try and push as far through the Shenandoah's as possible before I have to get off the trail for a family function coming up next week.