Day 67


Date: 06 May 2016 0701PM

Location: Paul Wolfe Shelter

Today's Miles: 15.8

Total Miles: 856.3


Another cold, wet day today. Dog from yesterday ended up in the shelter in the middle of the night, kept trying to lay down on our sleeping bags. After about twenty minutes of pushing him off our stuff he got the picture and finally laid down on the floor.


Rain came down for most of the day, the clouds swirling around close. No real views today except for a few minutes while I was taking a break at a viewpoint.


Got to the shelter relatively early today. Thought about walking the few miles to town, but decided against it after I found out the church hostel I planned on staying at doesn't open up for a few more weeks. So instead I'll go in tomorrow as originally planned for a hot meal and resupply, and hike out the same day into the Shenandoahs.




Finally beginning to come to terms with, to be at peace with the natural rhythm of the days out here in woods. It'll be sunny and warm for a few days, then it'll rain some, but in the end the rain will stop and the sun will come out again.


Being out here is exciting, and I love having that feeling again.