Day 69


Date: 08 May 2016 0820PM

Location: Pinefield Hut

Today's Miles: 21.0

Total Miles: 895.2


Woke up around 0600 this morning, earlier than usual. Whenever I sleep in my tarp, because it's made of a see-through white material, the first rays of sun illuminate it and make it seem much brighter then it really is. I don't mind it though, getting an early start allows me to hike a little slower and enjoy the day more.


Great day today otherwise. Weather and terrain both cooperated for a nice, lazy day of hiking. Miles ticked by like it was nothing, stopped at one of the camp stores for some ice cream and a Gatorade, and got to the shelter early in the afternoon.


An older hiker carrying a guitar with him played a song for us that he wrote. The melody is from the song Wagon Wheel, but he changed the lyrics to be Appalachian Trail specific. Here's a link to it on YouTube.