Day 70


Date: 09 May 2016 0841PM

Location: Bearfence Mountain Hut

Today's Miles: 20.7

Total Miles: 915.9

Rained again today, for most of the morning. Was pretty cold as well, but that's how the past week has been going. At least it was a gentle rain and not some sort of ridiculous thundering downpour.

Otherwise, it has been another gentle day of hiking. Plenty of ups and downs, but nothing too strenuous. Can't tell if it's the terrain letting up on us for once, or the fact that I've been out here for two months hiking, but either way it's been any enjoyable couple of days.

Received a little bit of unexpected trail magic this afternoon when a section hiker was getting dropped off at one of the gaps by an entrance station to the park. Hiker's wife offered me a cookie and a can of soda, it was just what I needed after a log slog through the rain.

Got to the shelter relatively early once again, and as I was setting up my sleeping stuff I was pleasantly surprised - I've finally caught up to a few hikers who I've been reading about in the shelter logs for the past few weeks! It's a unique experience indeed, reading other hiker's musings over the course of a few weeks and finally getting to meet them. A shame I'll be hopping off for a week, I'm starting to really get in the groove with a friendly group of people out here.