Day 100

Date: 13 Jun 2016 0950PM

Location: West Mountain Shelter

Today's Miles: 16.4

Total Miles: 1396.0


Shorter mileage day, but still feeling a bit weak so I guess it can't be helped. Trail magic of water and fruit this morning was wonderful, especially since the water situation the past few days has been pretty sucky.


Otherwise though, Harriman State Park has been an extremely rugged and beautiful place. Some parts remind me a lot of hiking in Maine, while others are unique all unto themselves.


Tons of flowers in bloom in the park. I believe they're rhododendrons, but either way they're fantastic to look at, and in some areas there are so many you can smell them just walking down the trail. 


Spending the night at a shelter that's half a mile off trail, but the view is fantastic. The shelter sits on the side of a mountain and overlooks the Hudson River and NYC. I'm currently lying in my sleeping bag, with a cool breeze and a scenic overlook of the city skyline, entirely lit up for the night.


Best view on the trail thus far.