Day 101


Date: 14 Jun 2016 0939PM

Location: Graymore Spiritual Life Center

Today's Miles: 13.2

Total Miles: 1409.2


Beautiful day, low miles. I'm not sure why I haven't heard about it previously, but New York is a rugged state!


Up and over Bear Mountain today, hit 1400 miles and kept on trucking. Another big climb past the Bear Mountain bridge, no water in sight.


Been pretty hot the past few days, difficult getting enough water. Really have to camel up at any available water source.


Stopped by a convenience store along the trail. Ate a pizza, drank a Powerade, resupplied and waddled up the trail.


Didn't really have a planned destination today, ended up stopping at a pavilion in a baseball field offered up by a Catholic society. They own land close to the trail and have been letting hikers sleep on their property for twenty years. Took a cold shower, charged my gadgets, watch a little Walking Dead and hit the rack.