Day 102


Date: 15 Jun 2016 0900PM

Location: RPH Shelter

Today's Miles: 18.9

Total Miles: 1428.4


Left our humble abode in the morning and walked back to the trail. Dropped my pack and walked south back to the deli I ate at yesterday and got some breakfast sandwiches, some coffee, and a few Gatorades for the day. 


Rather uneventful day, other than it being another hot day where I couldn't drink enough water. That combined with having diarrhea multiple times today really took a lot out of me.


Arrived later in the evening to the shelter. Worked out in my favor though since everyone had already ordered pizza and had leftovers waiting for me. I didn't plan on ordering any pizza so this worked it nicely!


Still feeling weak overall. Practically crawled in to camp tonight. Drinking tons of water and Gatorade when I can get my hands on it. Just have to keep on keeping on for now.