Day 103


Day: 103

Date: 16 Jun 2016 0842PM

Location: Telephone Pioneers Shelter

Today's Miles: 16.8

Total Miles: 1445.2


Good morning of walking today. Stopped at a deli a half mile off the trail for breakfast sandwiches and some Gatorade. Bumped into the local trail maintainer who the shelter we stayed at last night is named after. Interesting dude.


Carried out a bag of potato chips on the top of my pack. Ended up eating them near the end of the day when I got to nuclear pond. Apparently the site of a nuclear testing facility that had an explosion in the 70's, the pond is safe and a beautiful swimming hole. Swam around for a bit and laid in the sun to dry off. Ended up napping for a little bit as well.


Sheltering alone tonight, although there are plenty of tents around. I prefer a shelter when I can get one, makes setup and take down much quicker for me.


Probably sleep just outside of Kent, CT tomorrow then head into town for a resupply.