Day 104


Date: 17 Jun 2016 0908PM

Location: Mt. Algo Shelter

Today's Miles: 21.2

Total Miles: 1466.6


Good day today, long day today.


Started the day off with a few miles, stopping at the Garden Center off of NY route 22. Business is hiker friendly and let's hikers shower, do a light resupply, and charge gadgets. I grabbed a Klondike bar and some tea before pushing off not really needing anything else. 


Hiked through a few fields and pastures before heading back into the woods. Crossed into CT, was greeted with some coolers full of trail magic, and continued on my way.


End of the day was pretty rough and rocky, going up and down multiple steep hills. Water was scarce at the end of the day, but I was greeted with a nice big stream directly next to the shelter. Rolled in, set up in the shelter, ate and drank to my heart's content. Trail Angel showed up at the shelter with a backpack full of ice cream bars for the thru hikers, very cool.


Heading in to Kent, CT tomorrow for a resupply. Getting a ride in to town from a fellow thru hiker whose father happens to be in town!